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Technical advantages

Digitized manufacture

  • The laying-off of steel tube adopts CNC 3D laser cutting machine.
  • The manufacture of square coil tube adopts CNC three-dimensional tube bending machine, no forced shaping.
  • The manufacture of serpentuator adopts serpentuator automatic production line, once-forming.

Long life span

  • The optimized radiation heating surface and convective heating surface, the medium flow is more reasonable, without overheat of the carrier and reduce the life;
  • Convection section: optimize convection heating surface and adopt effective fix and structural support to make its working life longer.
  • Set up effective flue gas partition for convection heating surface and cast partition to make it works longer.

Less fuel consumption

  • Use superior refractory brick to build inside and superior perlite in the middle. Keep the furnace temperature under 50℃ to make the minimization of loss.
  • Furnace adopts double close line coil, which makes heating surface sufficient.

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